Uniting UK space-enabled climate expertise and services

Who we are

Chaired by the UK Space Agency, Space4Climate spans government, industry and academia, uniting those with expertise in the development of satellites, analysis and exploitation of data they gather, and production of quality assured global data and climate services.

Trusted services

Our mission is to ensure a seamless supply of trusted climate intelligence from space so that the UK offers a thriving, supportive environment for the development of quality assured products and services enabling climate-smart decisions, disclosures and climate-sensitive planning.

What we do

We connect UK producers and global users of trusted Earth observation data and actionable space-enabled climate analytics and services. We respond rapidly to emerging needs and develop new opportunities and collaborations. Discover more about our membership activities.

We are collaborating with our members and national and international organisations to showcase the UK’s world-leading expertise in climate science and climate services at the global climate summit.

Space4Climate is pleased to support the Space & Geospatial Virtual Pavilion to extend COP26 to online audiences.

Space4Climate has been chosen to showcase the UK’s world-leading expertise in Earth Observation and climate data from space at COP26, in Glasgow, November 1st–12th.

We’re looking for a Climate Services Development Technical Manager, Data Visualisation Lead and a Project support officer.

Photo credit  |  USGS/ESA