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Our work

04 May, 2020  |  Reading time: 2 minutes

What we do

We support the UK’s world-leading climate community to deliver, sustain and make use of climate information from space, enabling it to be integrated “as standard” in a variety of climate services for global economic and societal benefit.

We do this by coordinating activities, expertise and resources across our partners to:

  • Expand market uptake domestically and internationally, raising the profile of UK expertise, products and services, identifying climate services user requirements and facilitating and brokering new market growth opportunities.
  • Sustain and grow the competent network, expanding our community by developing and maintaining lists of UK providers, and building community capacity by providing training and alerts to funding sources.
  • Support delivery of a seamless supply chain, by identifying new requirements and barriers to provision and sustainability, and working together to address these.

We currently have three task groups in operation:

Climate Risk Disclosure Task Group

Drawing expertise from across the Space4Climate group to address inquiries and explore how best climate satellite data can facilitate the green finance sector in making climate informed disclosures and decisions.

  • Chair: John Swinton, Telespazio VEGA UK
  • Members: Briony Turner, Space4Climate; Geoff Busswell, Telespazio VEGA UK; Amanda Hall, Telespazio VEGA UK; Zofia Stott, NCEO; Richard Flemmings, 4 Earth Intelligence; Sophia Burke, AmbioTEK CIC; Caitlin Douglas, King’s College London; Christophe Christian, Satellite Applications Catapult
  • Group secretariat: Erica Webb, Telespazio VEGA UK
  • Observers: Nathaniel Smith, BEIS; Beth Greenaway, UKSA; Keith Gori, UKSA

Competent Persons Task Group

Investigating what the Space4Climate community can do to underpin and provide a seamless platform for quality assurance and professional services component of the climate services market. The group has undertaken a study to understand:

  • what would constitute a professional services competence framework
  • routes to implementation including relevant existing and planned pathways to professional competence
  • quality assurance requirements of existing providers of Earth Observation derived climate services and climate service user quality requirements
  • Chair: Eleanor Webster, BEIS
  • Members: Briony Turner, Space4Climate; Vicky Lucas, the IEA; Joanne Nightingale, NPL

CCI Exploitation Task Group

This group has been formed to review current value in UK based organisations being generated from CCI and explore data exploitation potential.

  • Chair: Darren Ghent, University of Leicester
  • Members: Briony Turner, Space4Climate; Christopher Merchant, University of Reading; Geoff Busswell, Telespazio VEGA UK; Richard Jones, Met Office; Eleanor Webster, BEIS


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